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Gift Pack (My Travel Passport + Gift Wrap)

Gift Pack (My Travel Passport + Gift Wrap)

Give the gift of a passion for travel. 🇪🇺 Europe Edition 🇪🇺 You have in your hand the possibility of surprising that person you love so much with your gift. You will hit for sure! In addition, this Pack includes the Passport wrapped in a most traveling Gift Paper so that you have it ready to deliver.

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  • Take it with you on trips.
  • Personalize it with your details.
  • Stick your Stamp-Stickers to stamp the 20+ important cities.
  • Use your UV flashlight and... You'll see!
  • Paste the Emojis to remember the feeling that visit gave you.
  • Check out the 6 places you shouldn't forget in each city.
  • Enjoy spectacular illustrations of each city.
  • It is the perfect souvenir, but also the gift 🎁 that will leave whoever you give it to with their mouths open. Do not wait more! get yours.

More than 110 Cities 🇪🇺

Seals the most important cities in Europe

Amsterdam / Athens / Barcelona / Berlin / Brussels / Budapest / Copenhagen / Dublin / Edinburgh / Florence / Istanbul / Lisbon / London / Madrid / Munich / Paris / Prague / Rome / Venice / Vienna

+ 60 cities to check ✅


All our materials comply with sustainability regulations. Because we strongly believe in a greener and cleaner world.

Dimensions and Features

The exact dimension of a Passport. 8.8 x 12.5cm. Perfect to take with you anywhere.


48 page notebook + covers.
Interiors: ecological offset paper of 100 gr/m2
Covers: embossed polyester cover + endpapers in 300 gr/m2 matt coated paper
Printing: interiors, 4 colors + 3 invisible inks; cover hot stamping; you keep 3 direct colors + varnish.
Binding: singer sewn and punched with rounded corners, colored thread.


Strip: Kraft Liner of 300 grs./m2
Fund: Compact white 1 side of 1.5 mm. lined with coated paper of 150 grs./m2
Pool: 5 mm white foam.


Ultraviolet flashlight with batteries included. Brightness: 3W, Size: 10 x 1.2 cm, Power: 1 x AAA battery.

Satisfaction guaranteed

The truth is that we don't get clients, we get friends. And it is that our passports manage to make you fall in love in such a way that nobody has returned a single one to us.

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Feel the power of being different and share it with the world! 🌍

We know that each trip is unique and we also know that each trip deserves the best of memories and that is our obsession. We want to offer you an experience that you will never forget.

My Travel Passport is much more than a Passport, it is a travel companion that will witness your passion and all your adventures in Europe.

Travel, enjoy, seal, remember, share and live the total experience in a unique way.

  • The perfect present

    Isn't it one of the best feelings? When you give something away and you see that sparkle in the eyes of the person who receives it and at that moment they already know that you have succeeded.

  • A personalized memory for a lifetime

    My Travel Passport is so special that it will be yours from the first moment. You can put your photo and data to make it something memorable.

  • Collect stamps in your Passport again

    And it is that European travelers have almost no stamps to enjoy when we travel through Europe... It can't be!

  • you deserve something different

    We love creativity and innovation, and this is how we conceive everything we do to bring you memories that do not disappear in a corner of the house.

Buckle up, let's take off! 🛫

Every detail, every secret, every idea is designed for you. So that the experience and memory of your travels and your life is unique.


Customize the most important experience of your life

When you travel you live unparalleled experiences and those experiences deserve memories to match.

My Travel Passport can be personalized with your data or the data of the person to whom you want to give it as a gift.

There is no better way to make the memory yours and make it unforgettable.



Let no one tell you that you have not been there. prove it!

Our Stamp Stickers are travel treasures in sticker form.

They capture the essence of your favorite destinations and allow you to relive your memories in a single glance.

Create a unique collection and share your adventures in a creative way.

These stickers are small windows to the world that will preserve your most special moments.



Remembering the emotions of each trip makes it more memorable 😂🥴😘

Our Emoti-Stickers are the fun way to express your emotions on your travels.

With a wide variety of emojis and expressions , you can add a touch of color and fun to your memories.

These stickers capture your feelings at a glance, bringing your adventures to life in unique ways.

Decorate your Travel Passport with these adorable stickers and relive your emotions with every glance.



Check ✅ in the places you should not miss visiting

The 6 checks are the essential guide to not forget the must-see places in every European city.

These landmarks ensure you don't miss out on the cultural gems and iconic sites each destination has to offer.

From historic monuments to enchanting parks, each check is an experience not to be missed.

Do not forget to mark each check on your list to experience each European city in all its glory.



Discover secrets 🔎 behind each Qr

Behind the QRs, an exciting mix of secret locations awaits , including captivating rooftops.

These codes reveal not only terraces on the heights, but also other hidden corners that will leave you amazed.

From charming hidden cafes to underground art galleries , each QR leads you to discover a unique and little-known treasure.

Prepare to be immersed in a fascinating mix of experiences , where surprise and adventure are intertwined in each city you explore.


😱 Surprise yourself with the ultraviolet images of each city

Through the flashlight that we provide you, you will be able to contemplate the fascinating ultraviolet images of each city.

Each ultraviolet image is a surprise that will immerse you in a world of surprising colors and shapes.

Turn your experience into something magical and discover the secret charm of each city through these enigmatic images.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Sandy S.f

Si no sabes que acer como regalo, es genial. O mismo para ti.
Me encanta es precioso.
Es realmente un tesoro para mi.

Matthias Felsch
Sehr schönes Geschenk

Eine sehr schöne Ergänzung zum internationalen Reisepass um auch in Europa Stempel mit Erinnerungen zu sammeln, an die man sich später zurück träumen kann. Toll Idee perfekte Umsetzung vielen Dank ein schönes Geschenk für Reisebegeisterte


Lo compré para hacer un regalo original, algo fuera de lo común y la verdad que fue buenísimo. La persona que lo recibió quedó fascinada con el pasaporte! Excelente producto sin lugar a duda.

Hola Nahuel!! Que alegría que nos da!! Muchas gracias por compartirlo con nosotros.

Quinty Terlouw

Leuk cadeau om te geven en een goede service!

Janai Castillejo Martin

Es perfecto para hacer un regalo! Viene igual que en la foto, el servicio es impecable y lo recibí en dos días.