Frequent questions


Can I send my passport for a gift?

Of course, My Travel Passport is a different and special gift for travel lovers. If you want to give it to someone, you can send it blank so that person can paste their photo and put their information, or you can send us their photo, their information and the postal address where we will send it personalized.

Can I put my photo and data in the Passport?

Of course, that's the idea, you have two options:

  1. The passport can be bought blank and fill in your details yourself and paste your photo.
  2. We can customize it (free of charge), you just have to upload your photo and data to the web once you make your purchase and it will arrive at your home already personalized.

How do I personalize my passport?

  1. Choose the color of the lantern before sending the data
  2. Upload your photograph, and make the crop you want within the proportions that we set.
  3. Fill in the Data and what Traveling means for you.
  4. Activate the purchase through the "ADD TO CART" button
  5. All data is optional, but the more you customize, the cooler it will be.

EYE!!! The data you fill in in the personalization fields will be the ones that appear on your passport. So it includes only what you want to appear in it.

Does customization cost anything?

The personalization of My Travel Passport does not have any cost added to the purchase value of the product.

Flashlight not working?

The flashlight has a battery included, but for your protection, there is a sticker inside it that must be removed to start working. If it still doesn't work, please contact us at

Where can I buy it?

You can purchase My Travel Passport from our website


Shipping Personalization?

Personalized orders take time to process, so the shipment will be made once the personalization is processed.

Can I order my passport from any country?

Of course, My Travel Passport is capable of flying to almost every country in the world.

In some destinations, customs expenses may be generated to be paid at destination.

Are shipping costs included?

Shipping costs are included for destinations such as Spain and Portugal.


Can I make a payment by bank transfer?

To make a payment by bank transfer please contact