Your secret place in Rome is...

Baths of Caracalla

Discover the majestic Baths of Caracalla on your visit to Rome. This incredible archaeological site will transport you to ancient Rome and allow you to explore one of the most impressive thermal complexes in history.

Built during the reign of Emperor Caracalla in the 3rd century AD, these baths offered much more than baths. With an extension of more than 100,000 square meters, you will be surprised by the grandeur and sophistication of this place.

You'll be able to wander through the ruins of the hot and cold bath rooms, imagine how the ancient Romans relaxed in the pools, and admire the architecture and mosaics that still stand. You will also be able to explore the gymnasiums where they exercised, the libraries where they sought knowledge, and the outdoor areas with lush gardens.

The Baths of Caracalla were a vibrant social and cultural center in ancient Rome, and today they remain a fascinating testimony to life back then. Imagine the ancient Romans enjoying theatrical events and sporting competitions in this impressive setting.

Don't miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in the history and grandeur of the Baths of Caracalla during your visit to Rome. Marvel at Roman engineering, gaze at evocative ruins, and be swept away by the magic of this unique site.

An unforgettable experience for any lover of history and culture!

Also don't miss this place...

Le Terrazze Castel Sant'Angelo

This is a wonderful experience, having lunch or an aperitif inside Castel Sant'Angelo, in one of the best rooftop bars in Rome, overlooking the Vatican, is an incredible experience. The food is as delicious as the view.

So if you plan to visit the famous Castel Sant'Angelo, don't forget to visit the bar/restaurant on the top floor.

If you are looking for something romantic, plan your visit a little before sunset, it is an unmissable event to attend high up in the city center.