Your Secret place in Copenhagen is...

Freetown Christiania

In case you are not familiar with Christiania, it is
essentially an alternative self-contained car-free hippie district in Copenhagen.

Located in the Christianshavn neighborhood, Christiania is visited by many tourists, so it's not exactly a hidden gem of Copenhagen. However, I wanted to include it in this list because it is a place
unique and controversial. Or you love it, or hate it. I belong to the first category.

In addition, the area contains many nice secret places that most tourists do not include in their agendas.

Christiania was created in the 1970s when a group of free-spirited people began to take over abandoned military barracks with the aim of creating an autonomous society. Today, it is a community with approximately 1,000 residents and has its own rules and regulations.

Do not miss this charming cafe...

Café Månefiskeren

Located in a former heating plant and run by
local volunteers, it is a place with a varied history that exudes the essence of rebellious and multicultural Christiania.

The large outdoor area is a great place to mingle with locals and visitors alike over brunch or just stop by for a cup of coffee and homemade cake. All short menu dishes
they use ingredients that are sustainably sourced with an eco-friendly approach, and the cafeteria is alcohol-free.

Outdoor seating is available year-round, and in the summer, live music and concerts add to the atmosphere.