Your secret place in Berlin is...

Monster Kabinett : Those incredible corners that Berlin offers.
A surreal underground world is hidden in Mitte. This hidden gallery of robotic art, which has been created and maintained by an art collective known as the Dead Pigeon/Dead Chickens Collective, is an alleyway filled with robotic creatures, metal sculptures, and insect-like beasts assembled as a sound installation. and computer controlled art.

The entrance can be found in the second courtyard of Haus Schwarzenberg up the spiral staircase. The gallery is safe, of course, but it is built to instill as much fear and fear as possible.

Also do not miss this Rooftop...

Klunkerkranich : The Neukölln rooftop bar is one of the most popular places in Berlin. With an incredible panoramic view! It is at the top of the Arcade Neukölln shopping center, and occasionally with live music. If you want to see the sunset from here, go early for
Get a good seat and avoid the queue at the entrance.