Your secret place in Barcelona is...

Parc de la Ciutadella-Parque de la Ciutadella , built by Josep Fontserè for the Universal Exposition of 1888, on the grounds of the old fortress.

The Parc de la Ciutadella-Parque de la Ciudadela is one of the largest and most traditional parks in the city. It is built on the grounds of the old fortress of the city , this is the reason for its name. It was the place chosen for the celebration of the Universal Exhibition of 1888. The construction of the park was entrusted to Josep Fontserè, who had the collaboration of the young artist Antonio Gaudí, at that time he was 36 years old. It has the honor of having been the only public park in Barcelona for many years. Today it is one of the so-called lungs of the city.

It has dimensions of approximately 17 hectares and is located in the Ciutat Vella neighborhood.

Inside the park is the old Arsenal de la Citadel, current seat of the Parliament of Catalonia, and the Castle of the Three Dragons, now the Museum of Zoology.

The monumental waterfall and the artificial lake are part of its charms, you can take a boat ride on the lake.

Another interesting visit in the park is the Orangery , a typical example of iron and glass architecture from the time of the Eiffel Tower , inside which there is a cafeteria.

Also do not miss this Rooftop...

the terrace

Located inside Poble Espanyol, La Terrrazza reproduces a Majorcan manor house. This open-air summer club, with 19 seasons of history, offers different areas: chill-out under the trees, privée and one of the balconies with the most emotional and spectacular views of the city.

La Terrazza, to enjoy the music of top-level international artists until the day dawns.