Your Secret place in Amsterdam is...

Begijnhof is one of the most unique places in Amsterdam, a
old convent built in 1346 where, for many years, lived the
beguines, “women who did not belong to a church order, but had decided to dedicate their lives to helping those in need. They renounced a private life, pledging chastity and joining this kind of community, but they could renounce the beguinage at any time anyway". Although it has undergone some reform, everything is as centuries ago. Saving the distances, it is as if you had gone through a magical portal directly to the Middle Ages.

Curiosity: Right here is the oldest house in Amsterdam –Het Houten Huis-, at number 34 exactly. It dates from 1420 and, with its peculiar black façade, it is one of only two houses in Amsterdam that is still made of wood , despite the ban of 1521.

Also do not miss this Rooftop...

Floor 17 Rooftop: terrace on the 17th floor of the Ramada Apollo Hotel . It offers one of the best views of Amsterdam. If you want to have dinner, you have Floor 17 at your disposal; if you go for drinks and snacks, the local bar; and always with a beautiful view of the city. You can also go for a fun movie night and enjoy one of your favorite films on the big screen. And if you go in winter, then you can go to the track of